A relaxing massage at Salow W is one of the best ways to unwind and relieve stress.  A professional massage treatment from a licensed therapist will increase your circulation, reduce fatigue, and help with natural pain management.

Massage Duration:

  • One and 1/2 Hours - $120

  • One Hour - $95

  • 1/2 Hour - $65

Facial Waxing 

Make unwanted, pesky, misplaced hairs a thing of the past with facial waxing services from Salon W. Because hair may appear almost anywhere on a woman's face, keeping up at home can be time consuming. We offer comfortable waxing services that remove hair without excessive redness or irritation.

  • Eyebrows - $16

  • Lip - $15

  • Brow & Lip - $30

  • Chin - $12

  • Ears - $10

  • Full Face - $45

  • Back - $55

Facials & Peels

Enhance your at-home skincare practice with a professional skin treatment. Our facial services and peels help you maintain a healthy, youthful complexion. Relax, let go, and let our professionals handle the rest.

Facial Services: $85+

  • Choose from:

    • European

    • Exfoliation

    • Detox

    • Express

    • Call for additional options

Facial Peels: $85+

  • Choose from:

    • Exfoliation

    • Mineral

    • Hydration

    • Vitamin C

    • Call for additional options

Spa packages services coming soon. Call for details.



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